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Here is a selection of images of slides of mollusc radulae ('tongues') prepared in the 1930's and taken from the the extensive microscope slide collection of Brighton's Booth Museum of Natural History.

Margarella decepta [Rhipidoglossa: Trochidae] Kaknui N. Orago. New Zealand JRGBT glyc Jelly 25.4.29 Rep 10..7.40. AF Piele Collection R4692/24 600226

Strombus dentatus 10.v.38 Winckworth. Dablia in CB 3.7.39 AFP R4692/22 600229. AF Piele Collection

Cerion uva Linn Curacas WA Evans Dahlia in CB 13.2.32 AFP R4692/20 600228. AF Piele Collection

Phasianella aethiopica Mombasa reef JRLBT Dahlia in CB 5.1.31 AFP R4692/14 600223. AF Piele Collection

Matra mariae Mitridae Port Blair iii.36 Winckworth Dahlia in CB 4.9.36 AFP R4692/13 600221. AF Piele Collection

Radula spine of a species of Conus, barbed and grooved, designed to embed in its victim's flesh and deliver a fatal dose of paralysing poison.
Conus aulicus Mahé Seychelles, xi.36 (x) Winckworth GLJ 9.2.37 AFF R4692/18 600231. AF Piele Collection

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