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Sussex Marine Life


Sussex Marine Life

This is an evolving view of the marine life to be found of Sussex and at the moment is only begining to be built, so bear with me. There is already an embryo page on the marine life of Newhaven Harbour Arm which at the moment has largely a few macro shots only. Images are taken currently with a Nikonos V and Cannon digital compact. It is hoped to gradually build up an inventry of the marine life found along this coast. At present the diving is from the shore. Some miscellaneous images can also be seen taken off Seaford

Click on a thumbnail image to get a larger image. Larger images for use through payment can be obtained from Gerald Legg.

Asterias feeding.
Bootlace Weed, Chorda filum.
Star Ascidian, Botrylus schlosseri. Fluffy Weed?
Diver off Shoreham, West Sussex. Squat LobsterGalathea squamosa
Weed and ascidian Molgula manhatenensis. Breadcrumb SpongeHalichondria panacea
Goby, Molgula and weed. Tompot Blenny.
. Tompot Blenny again!
Seaslug eggs. Scallop.
Spiny Spider Crab. Anemone.
Anemone. Anemone and sponge.
Cuttlefish by Brighton Marina, at night. Plumose Anemone.
Star Ascidian. Female Velvet Swimmer with eggs, threatening diver.
Sandeels swimming. Oyster and sponge.
Mating Velvet Swimmers, Necora puber Lobster hiding.
Netted Dogwhelks, Hinia reticulata. Hermit in hand, Pagurus sp.

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